If James Bond Drinks Bollinger Champagne, So Must I!

Hey Friend!

What’s in your glass this evening? Well it doesn’t compare to what I’m having – bold statement, right? Sometimes you just got to be. Like our good friend “007” aka James Bond, tonight I’m having some Bollinger Champagne.

This stuff is soooo goooooood. I must thank my fellow colleague, Greg, for this recommendation. This bubbly is very tasty and features baked apple pie with a nutty finish. At an alcohol level of just 12.5%, this champagne is light and refreshing!

If only I could have this every day…

Have you had Bollinger Champagne before? What was the reason?

Anyways, time to get back to celebrating a special champagne birthday!


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Wine Tasting in Prince Edward County – UnCork Canada

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and to all you dad’s out there…hope you are having/had a great day. Cheers to you!

What did you all get up to this past weekend? I had the chance to go to Prince Edward County for the very first time and Wine Cru Reviews co-founder, Greg, was my tour guide/fellow explorer!

“The County”, as it is often referred to, is just outside of Kingston, Ontario and features some of the best wines Ontario has to offer. First stop, was Three Dog Winery. When we arrived to the open concept tasting room, there were a lot of people enjoying chilled rose and white wines on this particularly warm day. We had the opportunity to try several of the wines, and they were all very good. However, the Reiki Off Dry Riesling was a stand out for me – loved this wine. Definitely one of the best spots if you are looking to have some BBQ, live music and a friendly atmosphere.

But before we go any further…

Why did we go to the county this weekend of all weekends? We were invited to attend UnCork Canada – which featured wines from across the nation, coast to coast. The venue was just off main street, in a beautiful historic building called the Crystal Palace. Wines from B.C. to Nova Scotia (and everything in between) were offered for tastings and some were even medal winners from the All Canadian Wine Championships held a week earlier. There was no shortage of wine that’s for sure! To see some of the great pictures from our trip, check out our Instagram page – @winecrureviews

After a couple of hours at the event we decided to venture off and visit some of the wineries while we were in town.

In addition to visiting Three Dog Winery, we visited:

All were very different experiences… the following is the coles notes version of my experience:

Huff was very modern, classy and had some amazing bubbly. TerraCello, is a very rustic and has a very “old world” feeling to it – pizza appears to be their thing. Broken Stone was a great find, and featured some tasty chardonnay. Closson Chase is QUALITY and worth the premium pricing. Lacey Estates, is a great family winery, that has some amazing white wines – especially the 2013 Gewürztraminer!

I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back again! There is something for everyone in PEC.

Have you ever been to the county? What wineries did you visit?


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p.s. Happy Early Birthday Greg! Pop that champagne!




Team Meeting = A lot of Wine and Food



What wine are you having? Tonight, I’m having ice water. Sounds boring? Well it is. However, it is very much needed after last night. Let me explain…

The team at Wine Cru Reviews got together and of course wine was involved! Meeting’s are much better with wine. Fact. We had sparkling wine, white wine, red wine and some sake. Don’t worry, we mixed in a lot of food between tastings!

With a lot coming up for us in the next week (website launch, Australian wine tasting, UncorkCanada in Prince Edward County, etc.) we decided to get together to get some work done and have a little bit of a pre-celebration.

We had the following wines:

Got to love it when work involves trying different wines!

Wine is all about exploring, and there were definitely some new experiences for me with this lineup. I’ve had the sparkling vouvray several times, but everything else was “first time sipping”. In fact, it was the first time I’ve ever had Vranac, Torbato and Sake. Both I loved! Also, the Inniskillin Pinot was pretty special (thanks Greg!).

Have you tried anything new lately?

All this wine talk is making me want to retire the water and get out my corkscrew…


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Wine & Memories

Hi friend,

What wine are you having tonight? Me? Thanks for asking. On this cool June evening I’m having a 2013 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon …smooth and delicious!

Now this isn’t just “any bottle of wine” to me. This happens to be the first bottle I ever gave to my significant other way back in 2013. To be clear, not the EXACT bottle, but the same producer.

The story goes…*takes a sip

It was her birthday and we were a few weeks into hanging out. At the time she loved to party and have a couple of drinks (mostly beer and whisky) of course. Naturally I headed down to the local liquor store to see if there was something I could find that she might like. Instead of heading to the beer fridge, I made a line for the vintage wine section. Almost instantly THE bottle appeared to me…Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon!

Why Liberty School? It happened to be the street she was living on at the time. Clever right? Well at least I thought so. I gave it to her with a little explanation and she loved it!

Fast forward a few years…

We are still enjoying this wine! Every time we open a bottle we get taken back to that night. The smell, the taste, the memories. The Hope Family and Liberty School will always have a special meaning to us.

Have you had any special memories with a special wine?


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Wine Watch: Check Out “Decanted” This Weekend on Netflix Canada


I’m constantly adding movies to “my list” on Netflix Canada and there is one you should add to yours – “Decanted” by filmmakers Nicholas Kovacic and Matthew Riggieri.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a winemaker in Napa Valley? The planning of harvest season? The pressure of choosing your brands next wine label and name? This movie puts you in the shoes of those who live the wine life everyday at the vineyard. While this movie might ruin the romance of having your own winery, it is a short education on what it is really like to be a winemaker in one of the best regions in the world.

The following winemakers and wineries are featured:

Steve Reynolds – Reynolds Family Winery
Anthony Bell – Bell Wine Cellars
Philippe Melka – Melka Wines
Julien Fayard – Covert Estate Winery
Aaron Pott – Pott Wine
Mike Martin – Italics
Heidi Barrett – Barrett Wines
Michael Scholz – St. Supery

I just finished watching this movie and was entertained from start to finish. I’m sure you will love it as well!


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Coming Soon!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that the Wine Cru Reviews team will launching our new website in the next week or so! It will  be a “home base” for us and will hopefully act as a resource for you.

We will have access to Canadian wineries, educational opportunities and much more!

In the meantime check out our Instagram and twitter pages to see what we are sipping on – @winecrureviews

Exciting times ahead…get that bubbly ready and celebrate with us when we go live!


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