Wine Watch: Check Out “Decanted” This Weekend on Netflix Canada


I’m constantly adding movies to “my list” on Netflix Canada and there is one you should add to yours – “Decanted” by filmmakers Nicholas Kovacic and Matthew Riggieri.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a winemaker in Napa Valley? The planning of harvest season? The pressure of choosing your brands next wine label and name? This movie puts you in the shoes of those who live the wine life everyday at the vineyard. While this movie might ruin the romance of having your own winery, it is a short education on what it is really like to be a winemaker in one of the best regions in the world.

The following winemakers and wineries are featured:

Steve Reynolds – Reynolds Family Winery
Anthony Bell – Bell Wine Cellars
Philippe Melka – Melka Wines
Julien Fayard – Covert Estate Winery
Aaron Pott – Pott Wine
Mike Martin – Italics
Heidi Barrett – Barrett Wines
Michael Scholz – St. Supery

I just finished watching this movie and was entertained from start to finish. I’m sure you will love it as well!


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