Team Meeting = A lot of Wine and Food



What wine are you having? Tonight, I’m having ice water. Sounds boring? Well it is. However, it is very much needed after last night. Let me explain…

The team at Wine Cru Reviews got together and of course wine was involved! Meeting’s are much better with wine. Fact. We had sparkling wine, white wine, red wine and some sake. Don’t worry, we mixed in a lot of food between tastings!

With a lot coming up for us in the next week (website launch, Australian wine tasting, UncorkCanada in Prince Edward County, etc.) we decided to get together to get some work done and have a little bit of a pre-celebration.

We had the following wines:

Got to love it when work involves trying different wines!

Wine is all about exploring, and there were definitely some new experiences for me with this lineup. I’ve had the sparkling vouvray several times, but everything else was “first time sipping”. In fact, it was the first time I’ve ever had Vranac, Torbato and Sake. Both I loved! Also, the Inniskillin Pinot was pretty special (thanks Greg!).

Have you tried anything new lately?

All this wine talk is making me want to retire the water and get out my corkscrew…


Wine Cru Reviews


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