Sipping on Spanish Wine while watching a Year in Champagne


How’s 2018 treating you so far? Things are going well over here at Wine Cru Reviews! We have a lot planned for this year and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you all. We will be visiting the Niagra wine region, Prince Edward County and some other Ontario wine spots. As always, there will be  wine related globetrotting. Stay tuned!


Tonight I’m watching “A year in Champagne” on Netflix Canada.  I confess it is not my first time trying to get through this 1h22m documentary. In fact, it is my 3rd attempt – the last time I got to the 18 minute mark. The failed attempts aren’t due to it being boring or uninformative, mostly just distractions or other priorities emerging at the time. I guess you could call it bad timing.

Here we go…wait…first we need wine! No champagne in the cellar at the moment. Oops.

I have EGOBODEGAS El Goru 2015 in my glass…this stuff is sooooo smooth. How smooth? I’m talking Antonio Banderas smooth. Go and buy as much as you can carry right now! It is an absolute steal at less than $15 CAD a bottle.

Now I’m ready.

Love the beginning. Sailing through the Champagne region in a hot air balloon…got to try that one day!

Do you have a recommendation for us? Thanks in advance.


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